Yutaka - Mizuho

Yutaka - Mizuho

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Yukata - traditionally made of pure cotton with various traditional technique to decorate the textile.


Katazome - traditional  Japanese method of dyeing fabrics using a resist paste applied through a stencil, typically a rice flour mixture applied with a brush or a tool such as a palette knife, stencils are used repeatedly to make a repeating pattern. Pigment is added by hand-painting and immersion dyeing also


Yūzen - Japanese resist dyeing technique where dyes are applied inside outlines of dyed or undyed rice-paste resist, which may be drawn freehand or stencilled; the paste keeps the dye areas separated. 

Shibori  - Traditional Japanese manual tie-dyeing technique, which produces a number of different patterns on fabric.


Mizuho //  Sleeve 47cm //length 144cm //  sleeve to sleeve 126cm