Tenugui /Japanese Tea Towel
Tenugui /Japanese Tea Towel
Tenugui /Japanese Tea Towel

Tenugui /Japanese Tea Towel

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Tenugui is a fine Japanese tea towel made of beautiful pure cotton.

Tenugui (てぬぐい)is written with Teて(hand) and nugui ぬぐい(wipe)

It can be used for anything a towel is used for; as a tea towel, washcloth, dishcloth, but often as a decor item, head scarf, wall hanging, or for wrapping items such as bottles.

This Tenugui was designed to introduce traditional aspects of Japanese culture combined with care for the environment which everyone can enjoy and appreciate in their everyday living.

Made of 100%cotton by Itousomeya in Iwate, Japan with a traditional dying process and manufacture.


Design by Maiko Miyazaki (Otherwayside)

Art by Kyoko Shirai (ULO.Raglan)

100% cotton

Made in Japan

Measurement 30cmx90cm