Tambarine Bento box - Brown
Tambarine Bento box - Brown

Tambarine Bento box - Brown

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                Simple and cut
  ● ━… Ohitsu BENTO (Small)… ━ ●

“Ohitsu BENTO” made using Shina Wood with special bending ring technology
Breathable material has excellent hygroscopicity, absorbs the moisture from food moderately and keeps it fresh even when cooled..
 Simple and easy-to-wash round shape that keeps the beauty of wood grain.
Since Tenpo year (1830) A long-established manufacturer with a history of 190 years.
It hasn't changed their ways of manufacturing since its founding, and they continue to make products with a focus on quality and design made in japan.

Size : 13cm x 5.5cm
First Time Use // Dip in 70c-80c warm water few times (HAND WASH ONLY)
wipe to dry and leave at breathable place, 



direct sunlight, near any heat


Dish washer, Microwave, Dish wash liquid

RECOMMEND  using wooden cutlery