During our recent trip to Japan, We have attended Porcelain Festival in Arita & Hasami town in Nagasaki City. This festival is on once a year during the end of April through the beginning of May.

 Many of our beautiful porcelain wares are produced in this province. 

At this event, we discovered some very unique and beautiful pottery which were made by this couple Kenichiro &Mirjam Watajima. a.k.a "STUDIO WANI" they are based in Hasami town.

Kenichiro Watajima was born in Kumamoto Prefecture. He has studied Pharmacy and Cooking,  He used to be an Italian chef until he found himself is best at making pots. He leads the making of pottery for their productions with a great attention and thoughts for practicality in every ware he produces.

Mirijam Watajima born in Germany. Always wanted to be a potter since high school. She studied nothing else but Ceramics and Japanese! She hand paints all their piece individually by hand. She also holds a decoration workshop and she teaches English to local people.


STUDIO WANI was founded to make the best ceramics for people.

For them, being a craftsmen means working with their own hands. It means working hard on their skills, to become masters of their craft.

Being designers means to work with their mind. As designers, they always have to question their works If it will complete their needs and what they want to project and offer to people..

( by Studio Wani/ 


Besides hard work, making ceramics connects to the enjoyment of eating, living and being creative. they hope to share that joy and happiness through their products.


Their Studio is located in Nakaoyama, a small ceramics village in the Mountains of Nagasaki Prefecture. Nakaoyama which belongs to the town Hasami, which became famous for it's trendy and useful tableware called Hasamiyaki.

We have visited their studio which was built over 50 years ago, Traditional Japanese building they renovated mostly themselves. Beautiful shop layout/studio. We felt very welcomed and enjoyed viewing all their work in this lovely warm space while drinking some green tea.

 We are very proud to introduce Studiowani and their beautiful design ware in New Zealand for the first time and also to obtain this wonderful opportunity to share the history and culture of Japan throughout our community.

 Dinosaur Soba cups (available in four designs)

Dinosaur series are inspiration from an old-school Imari glazed pottery, Blue underglaze painting on greyish porcelain with playful Dinosaurs designs.

 White Mini Vases  (Available in various shapes and sizes)

 The less is more, the most simple and beautiful shaped vases in their individual shapes.