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Fashion Quartery 2019 Issue Interview  IT’S VINTAGE Age is just a number when it comes to second-hand From these stylish women's vantage point, age is just a number when it comes to wearing vintage. Fashion Quarterly 21 May 2019 WORDS FIONA RALPH Maiko wears a 1930s silk haori jacket, vintage black silk dress, 1940s handwoven silk belt, 1960s wooden sandals, and kauri gingko leaf hairpin and koi bone carving by her partner Brendan van den Bemd.   MAIKO MIYAZAKI, 39 @OTHERWAYSIDE Maiko Miyazaki combines vintage and new pieces from Japan and New Zealand. The owner of Otherwayside, an online shop selling Japanese homeware and vintage garments, says that wearing vintage ensures “I can be who I am without following trends”....

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